Iodized Extra Course Sea Salt Grinder

Windsor? Iodized Extra Coarse Sea Salt Grinder

From stovetop to tabletop

Dress up your meal and your kitchen with Windsor? Extra Coarse Sea Salt Grinder. Add a finishing touch of fresh flavour to entrees and meals at the table.

From stovetop to tabletop, this new, sleek glass grinder, with a completely removable label, is the perfect accent to any meal or kitchen decor. Try out our Windsor? Roasted Garlic with Sea Salt Grinder and Windsor? Black Peppercorns Grinder.

Available Size(s):
82 g disposable glass grinder


Dress up your meal and your kitchen with this grinder. Twist Sea Salt freshness and texture on your fav meals with every twist.

For use in:

  • Cooking
  • At-the-table seasoning
Extra Coarse Sea Salt

Are sea salts just trendy, or truly tasty enough to be able to tell the difference? Sea water is drawn into shallow ponds, then nature takes over. The sun and wind evaporate the water and the salt crystallizes. Sea salt on your tongue is akin to all the wonders of the sea at play on your palette.

Chefs and home cooks love sea salts for cooking, grilling, steaming, roasting or finishing a dish. They’re sensational as a shimmery dessert topping. Some sea salts impart a briny freshness, others even add a hint of sweetness. With every sprinkle, all sea salts deliver that crunchy one-of-a-kind flavour burst.

Windsor? Extra Coarse Sea Salt: To enjoy fresh flavour, grind extra coarse sea salt on all recipes calling for fine sea salt.

Extra Coarse Sea Salt Recipes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Aioli Dips
Salt-Steamed Haddock with Avocado-Mango Salsa / Aiglefin à la vapeur de sel avec salsa avocat-mangue
Salt-Steamed Haddock with Avocado-Mango Salsa
Vegged-Up Frittata

How to use Sea Salt

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Salt-Steamed Haddock

Salted Caramel Fudge

Vegged-Up Frittata

Blueberry Caramel Salt Tarts

Sweet n' Salty Cupcake Minis

Freshly Herbed Bites

Nouveau Cheesecake

Blueberry Caramel Salt Tarts

Salt Conversion Table





Sea Salt


Sea Salt


Pickling Salt

? tsp = ? tsp = ? tsp = ? tsp = ? tsp
1 tsp = 1? tsp = 1 tsp = 1 tsp = 1 tsp
1 tbsp = 1 tbsp + ??tsp = 1 tbsp + ??tsp = 1 tbsp = 1 tbsp
? cup = ? cup + 1 tbsp = ? cup + 1 tsp = ? cup = ? cup
? cup = ? cup + 2 tbsp = ? cup + 2 tsp = ? cup = ? cup
? cup = ? cup + 3?tbsp = ? cup + 1 tbsp = ? cup = ? cup
1 cup = 1??cups = 1 cup + 4 tsp = 1 cup = 1 cup
2 cups = 2? cups = 2 cups + 2 tbsp = 2 cups = 2 cups